“Under the Lime Trees” Art Plantation


Name of the owner : 

Krzysztof Dybala

Phone number : 

603 996 700, 663 522 045



Tourist Offer: 

Anyone may try to discover own talents by participating in short sessions or longer workshops or open-air painting. This offer is free from age restrictions, and anyone can find an interesting topic to enjoy. Inspirations, such as the old architecture, the landscape by the Vistula River and still life with a hoe cannot be missed here, and painting themes will remain a memorial for the whole lifetime. The exhibition of equipment used in a rural farmstead (tools and machinery for agricultural production and small items such as blacksmith goods that were used at farmsteads). The exhibition – a gallery of watercolour painting miniatures that are commemorative in nature, thematically related to the LAG (Local Action Group) area, and a painting workshop administered by the owner of the farmstead. The exhibition of old books (e.g., tourist guidebooks), magazines, archival newspapers and old gramophone records played while viewing the exhibition. At the bar coffee, tea, soft drinks are available. A fireplace.