Small Paper Mill in Celejów


Small Paper Mill in Celejów
Celejów 72A
Wąwolnica 24-160
51° 18' 31.0248" N, 22° 6' 53.7732" E


Name of the owner : 

Regionalne Stowarzyszenie Odnowy i Rozwoju „Wokół Bystrej”

Phone number : 

695 137 072, 693 533 545


Scope of Activity: 


The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

The history and beauty at your doorstep - Celejów. Welcome! With us you are able to move back in time, create your own sheet of handmade paper, decorate it and take as a souvenir. The presentation of history, shows and workshops in making handmade paper for children, youth and adults.

Tourist Offer: 

From April to October:Regional Chamber of Tradition"The Taste of Bread" - a reconstruction of a traditional bread baking combined with workshops and tastings.History of the paper mill in Celejów combined with workshops in producing handmade paper.The history and legends associated with the palace and surroundings.Quests -  explorerations on the basis of ancient, historical and scenic sites in Celejów.A shop with local products of local artists.Picnics with a bonfire / barbecue. 8. Hiking and biking around loess ravines.