Association of Creative Work Support


Phone number : 

607 99 20 55


Scope of Activity: 

Art and folk handicraft, promotion of local and folk art.

The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

The offer within the framework of the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region:

PACKAGE I - „Pleć pleciugo” (ENG: “Plait the Prattler”)

1. Historical background – the profession of a plaiter / broom-maker over the centuries

- art-and-craft show, natural material basket weaving  

2.The manual workshop (user selectable single product out of a single module)

- The profession of a plaiter: making a bookmark from  paper wicker, making a ball  of willow twigs, woven braid of coral jewellery, making a fancy belt from a cord  - the profession of a broom-maker: making a headdress from twigs and birch bark, making a birdhouse, making a feather duster - a "witch", making wall ornaments of "venison"

3.Eco-treat - regional dishes (optional hotpot)

Duration: 3 hours. Cost: PLN 45 per person

PACKAGE II – „O czym szumią wierzby” (ENG: “Whereof the Wind in the Willows”)

1. Meeting with an Alien including alien icicle tasting

- an unbelievable story - "False or true about a  stone?" - "Hidden Object" orienteering outdoor game using a  compass and a map;

2."In the birch grove ..." - exploring the properties of the "sacred tree" –a fun game - drawing positive energy by hugging the trees

3.Trekking tour / riding a cart (optional) from Emilcin to Stare Komaszyce:

- to know the story of the sunken church

- to look for the answer to the question: under what circumstances was the barrow formed and who lies in a mass grave

- The Swedish Deluge or the Kościuszko uprising soldiers?

-  to show the relationship between handicrafts (a dying profession – a seamstress) and the location of the expedition 

- to bring up a special area of conservation of habitats of birds and plant protection within the Natura 2000 network 

Duration: 2 hours. Cost: PLN 35 per person

PACKAGE III – „Wesoły Szuwarkowy Zakątek ” (ENG: “Happy Rushes Corner”)

1. A Bonfire/barbecue - refreshments

2.Games and fun social gatherings - puns, quizzes, physical fun, Karaoke

Duration: 3 hours. Cost: PLN 45 per person


We develop  individual programmes, taking into account your suggestions. We plan your stay according to the number of guests, time, place,  season and weather conditions - it is possible to take advantage of one of the packages!

When choosing the Package II only, a treat may be offered - one regional dish (negotiable).

We calculate the satisfactory price by choosing packages tailored to your needs and requirements.

We invite children and youth as participants of school camps, green schools and holidays. We invite companies and institutions. We    provide support in organizing inclusive corporate events, business meetings, training courses. The tourist offer is also addressed to individual customers - families with children. Our offer is dedicated to the groups of 10 to 25 people.


We recommend accommodation and meal in amicable hotels and agritourism households.

We also offer:

-  local products in the SWAT Gallery (ENG: Association of Creative Work Support)

- tasting the regional dishes

- conducting workshops at a request (“Away” Workshops)

- organizing an inclusive commemorative eco-event


Costs: negotiable

Tourist Offer: 

All-season Offer