Regional Museum in Kluczkowice


Regional Museum in Kluczkowice
Kluczkowice Osiedle 7
24-300 Opole Lubelskie
51° 4' 52.68" N, 21° 53' 47.4504" E


Name of the owner : 

Starostwo Powiatowe w Opolu Lubelskim

Phone number : 

81 827 10 67, 509 806 107


Scope of Activity: 


The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

Museum lessons: “Folk Art of  Lublin - vanishing professions in the country” (multimedia presentation, activities in the Department of Ethnography, contests, games, crosswords, rebuses), “Traditions of Christmas” (multimedia presentation, competitions, meetings with folk artists , games, crosswords, rebuses), “The traditions and customs of Easter” (multimedia presentation, activities in the Department of Ethnography, competitions, meetings with folk artists, games, crosswords, rebuses) Art classes: “Regional Christmas Tree Decorations” (multimedia presentation, the Folk Art Decoration Show, old Christmas decoration techniques exercised by children), “Christmas Card for Christmas” (multimedia presentation,  making the Christmas card with the use of natural materials such as straw, parts of plants - dried, gray cloth, paper, etc.), “Easter Eggs”– Techniques (Presentation on the Easter egg techniques, demonstration of respective  techniques, practical classes).

Tourist Offer: 

Guided museum tours, viewing the temporary exhibitions. Educational opportunities for children and youth: museum lessons e.g., “Folk Art of  Lublin - vanishing professions in the country”, “Traditions of Christmas”, “The traditions and customs of Easter”, “The Vistula Narrow Gauge Railway”, “History of Kluczkowice dating back to  the Fifteenth Century”, “Architectural styles based on monuments of the District of Opole”, “Zakopane style on the basis of the library in the palace of Kluczkowice”, ”Archaeology in the District of Opole”, “The Wrzelowiec Landscape Park”, “Tourism of the  District Opole - hiking and biking trails. Workshops: “Painting techniques”, “Regional Christmas decorations”, “Christmas cards”, “Easter eggs – techniques”, “Autumn Impressions-Learning the Wrzelowiec Landscape Park”, “Spring in the Wrzelowiec Landscape Park”, “Still-life with a torch”, “Butterflies of Poland”.