Multimedia Chamber of Tradition in Garbów (MIT Garbów)


Multimedia Chamber of Tradition in Garbów (MIT Garbów)
Garbów 34
21-080 Garbów
51° 22' 7.608" N, 22° 20' 46.0968" E


Name of the owner : 

Gmina Garbów

Phone number : 



Scope of Activity: 

The Multimedia Chamber of Tradition (MCT) in Garbów was established within the framework of the small projects implemented by the  Land Around Lublin LAG. Its main purpose is to activate the community of Garbowszczyzna to the extent of participation in the creation of local culture in its broad meaning, including inter alia the unique historic collection of family memorabilia, old accessories, tools, exhibits proving distinctiveness and cultural heritage of the Garbowszczyzna micro-region, as well as the development and availability of all that to the public. The outcome of the activities carried out in the form of exhibitions, films, multimedia files, organization of meetings, lectures and workshops can be found at the principal seat of the MCT in the historic rooms of the Palace of the Jezierskis surrounded by a historic park, located near the main roadway from Lublin to Warsaw. Within the framework of the project the MCT website was created (, which made the effects of the activities available to the public.

The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

The MCT offers all-the-year-round: temporary exhibitions to explore the history of the region and painting, visiting the permanent ethnographic exhibitions, conducting museum lessons side by side with the exhibitions, organization of workshops on vanishing professions: paper tissuing, crocheting, embroidery (paintings, tapestries, tablecloths) wicker paper, icon writing, traditional methods of food production (cheese, butter) and organizing educational including touring, ornithology, botany, history of the Garbowszczyzna region. The MCT also has a conference room (for 40 persons, equipped with a multimedia projector).

Tourist Offer: 

The MCT in Garbów is open all-the-year-round. The detailed information on the opening days and hours are available on the website. In the immediate vicinity, Złota Rybka (ENG: the Goldfish) restaurant is located to serve regional cuisine, especially fish dishes. Accommodation is available locally in the municipality within the distance of just 1km. The possibility of using the cycling lanes and "Walking around Garbów" along the hiking trails with a tour guide.